What's a good competition mid-end yoyo?

First: will these: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/736/IrPad-Response-Pads-Ball-(5-Pairs) fit a Werrd Irony JP? The thing shreds silicon.

Alright, so I’m looking for a good mid-range yoyo, around $40-$50. I really like fast, solid, stable yoyos like the Irony JP, Zeekio Prism (although preferably more stable), or YYF Genesis (although preferably faster).

I do not want something like the Shutter, which is way too unstable and falls over at low RPM, which it reaches much too quickly, or the Duncan Strix, which has the same problems.

I don’t really need a new yoyo, the Irony’s great, I’m just kind of bored with them all. I would prefer the new yoyo to be in the same kind of competitive category as the Irony, Prism, Genesis.

So, maybe one of YYF’s other mid-range metals like the horizon, czm8 or tooHot. Or maybe a Delrin/Celcon, like the Rally? Again, I mainly care about speed and stability. Stability at low RPM is great too.

Diffusion 2 or maybe the new yoyoaddict yoyo

Also the werrd 86400 is a bit more but loads of fun

I heard TOOHOT is just what you;re looking for.

My personal opinion though is the CZM8. I’m playing one right now (lol and typing at the same time). It plays light, really fast if you want it to. In the right hands it is a beast. ight not be as stable as you want it to. I thought the Shutter was stable? I’ve palyed a Shutter v. CZM8 before and the Shutter definitely has stability.

Take a look at Yoyofficer. Lots of awesome affordable throws. My favorite is the Orbis.

Torque hands down.