Whatever happened to Oke Rosgana?

That guy was all over the place many years ago. I remember he had a few signature yo-yos; etc…

Didn’t even think much until the post about yo-yos frozen in time.

And saw one of his signature yo-yos; the Rozzor by Werrd…

PS… really amazing to me how time flies. I was looking at that 10 year old page and saw my Micro Mo signature yoyo. I was reading the description like it was news to me. Then all of a sudden; I thought, ‘Hey wait; I’m Mo; lol’.

Doesn’t seem like so long ago…


Ha, this answers my question from that yoyos frozen in time post. That’s a very cool looking yoyo. Do you still play with it?


He is still around and still running a yo-yo club in Indonesia. We chat from time to time and I’m happy to see that he’s still making rad illustrations and living a pretty great looking life. He’s also gotten into drones these past few years.


Yeah, I remember when he first came onto the scene, via Dave’s Skill Toys. First as a forum user, and then he started doing illustrations for Dave and his store.

I think I still have a T-Shirt…


Awesome to see folks still remember him! :smiley: Ahh the good ol days of Dave’s forum!