What YYE level are you on?

What are you on, I am on Advanced 1.

well i jump around on this site but i can do at least one trick from every list

i can do pretty much every trick from every list, only one i cant do is iron whip.

Do any of you loop?

I am on Master and above.

I clicked finished. I don’t know every trick there, but I really don’t feel a need. Apologies to Superman.

Advanced Part 2

Finished…But didn’t want learn some Master tricks,didn’t like them that much.


Even though I can do most master, I can’t do Eiffel Tower. See?



Cool post!

Master, but I can’t do Eiffel tower, Jamaican Flag, thumb grind transfer, spirit bomb etc.

Expert Part 2
But I can’t do Boingy, Spirit Bomb, and Shockwave :frowning:

I DON’T KNOW. Really.

I make my own tricks.

I finished it all.

Happy Throwing! =]

Im on master level the only tricks i cant do are yuki slacks and ladder escape (i can do almost the whole trick of each)

I can do a trick from each list, but i have all of beginner through advanced 2 done, workin on most expert tricks can do white buddha though! and makin up your own is great fun!

I’ve done everything up to Expert 1 except Sidewinder, those hopping tricks, Kwijibo (curse that trick to eternal fire) and Magic Drop

Spot in “Atomic Bomb” Trick in the intermediate section… ;D