what yoyo

what yoyo should i get from 40$ and under

What yoyos do you have now?

All the plastic yo-yos under the sun, trainwreck, and 888 all come to mind.

he said under forty$

GET PROTOSTAR IT IS AMAZING!!! i know of world champs who have protostar and like it more than anything they have!!! A 35$ yoyo, that should be an 75$ yoyo. Easily one of the best, or the best yoyo under 70$.

not kidding…

Yeah, I know what he said. I also know that b-grade and sometimes a-grade 888s will often go for around $30-$40. Same thing with the Trainwreck, I got mine for $25.

are there any metals for like 45 or 50 that are realy good

Sure. Why not just go with a plastic or metal rimmed yoyo though?

well that is an option but i like metals more than plastics but i can try, any suggestions

my first yoyo around that price was the metal zero it is responsive. if you want a unresponsive i like the shinwoo zen.

I do not know what level your on so its hard to tell what yoyos would be good for you. When i buy a yoyo i think about if it would be good for my next level so thats what i would think about. If your intermediate think about if it would be good for advanced tricks like grinding, whipping ect. But what level are you on? Id be able to help a lot more

A Yomega Maverick or Dash a really good Metal for $30, A New Breed or Atmosphere is a good choice too.

well intermediate end and starting advanced p1

Check the Buy/Sell/Trade forum for b-grade yyf yoyos or used fundametal yoyos. Those go for $40 and under quite frequently. Or, check out some quality plastic yoyos like the protostar, grind machine, silicone recessed FHZ’s, etc. There are dozens of choices at your price range.

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