What yoyo would you like to see in a different material?

Like the title says, which yoyo would you like to see produced in a different material?

This idea started in my head when I got my Regen and Super G. Both are great throws, but different in their own regards due to different choices of material. Similar instances have happened with other designs in the past:

FHZ vs Mg
Ti5 vs Al5
Chief vs Yeti (I think?)
Rally vs Code 2


So what would you pick? It could be your favorite throw you’d like to have in a different material, or a throw you didn’t like in one material, but think the shape could be good with a different material. It can even be as simple as wanting a 7075 version of a 6061 throw, like the Shu-ta vs the Shutter. Or go crazy, and be a wooden fixed axle version of the titanium Dazzler! Wish something you had was a bimetal with SS rims? Let’s hear about it!

State the original yoyo and material it’s produced in, and what you wish it was produced in.

For me, I’d love a titanium version of the SPYY Addiction V2. To me, it’s great in aluminum already. It’s basically my favorite rendition of an organic shape that I’ve tried, and I think it would be awesome in titanium. I’d want the same diameter, width, and weight, with more of the weight pushed to the rims and thinner walls, as is only possible with titanium.

There was also the Skywalker and TiWalker, as well as a 6061 and 7075 majesty.