What yoyo would you get if you was me ?


Hey ! Instead of searching for hours for spec on multiple yoyo i decided to ask here i am advanced in the opinion of yye and i would like a yoyo that is more on the heavy side and that is not floaty i would like it to be precise on the string (not taking all the string in a triple or nothing this is what i mean by precise) and a gap that isnt like my finger can reach deep in it (is there like and H and organic hybrid ?) also it’s obvious that i kinda want a metal unresponsive ^^ and if it is possible i would like to spend no so much on a yoyo but yeah here is a resume of the criteria in order of importance :
-tight enough gap that i dont have my finger deep in it

If you have some question on my preference i am open and thank you for reading my mini-drama story ^^

-cordialy , a guy you don’t care about


For the last one you mean high walls right?


Benchmark V would fit most of those criteria - it’s well priced, feels heavy and not floaty and doesn’t have a big H gap.


Or Benchmark O.

Or Square Wheels Nomad!

Sounds like anything fairly organic will do it for you.


High wall yoyos are pretty rare nowadays.
OG YYF superstar/genesis
yyj hex


Fits the criteria minus that last one


This one has a highwall but is light


Organic shape and “highwall” are not the same thing.


my bad

How about these guys



Thank you i am going to look at all of them ^^


Last thing : benchmark v,o or recrev octave ?


Would proly grab a benchmark V since it’s pretty user friendly yet and will perform horizontal style play better than the O for when you get to that point


hey ! sorry for the little up but i saw other yoyo that seems interesting, i was thinking about the c3yodesing toke for it’s price and since it is a undersize it is more likely to be a solid yoyo and the shape looks ok the v since it was my first choise and i took another look at the superstar (if og means original it is too pricey btw) because i got a discount and it comes with a protostar wich is interesting beacause winter is coming and there is no more grass here in canada and i really don’t want to get any ding on my metals and i dont have any good unresponsive plastic. i would like to have a comparison with a reason why wich is better than wich oh and i will use that post to ask what is the best lube for looping/responsive and the best lube for unresponsive ?