What yoyo should i get?

sorry if i am doing this wrong but i’m new to the forum and forums in general…

Just looking for suggestions on buying a new throw or 2

i am looking for something full sized (54-56mm) and high quality without breaking the bank (50-$100). looking for something fast and smooth. shape doesn’t matter to much but i’d prefer something more rounded just for the sake of comfort. also i dont like fancy paintjobs just solid colors. preferably green but not required.

I had already been looking at either getting a sine//saw and a shinwoo just to try it out. or a clyw bonfire so your input on any of those would be appreciated. i would either buy the 2. or just the clyw because moneys a bit tight…

also i heard some weird things about the owner of recrev so i’m a little leary of supporting that company. but anywayz…

Dont buy RecRev! Bonfire will knock your socks off. You won’t regret it

You give absolutely no reason as to why they shouldn’t buy recrev

As for the weird thing it’s been cleared up which is why yye is carrying recrev to begin with

The sine//saw is a perfectly good throw

The bonfire is over the $100 limit though. I’d personally pass on the Shinwoo and get either one of the Cheap C3’s, Werrds, or YoyoOfficer throws though.

The level 6 by C3 should hopefully be dropped at YYE soon and is only $50 which is an absolute beast of a throw. As for YYO you have both the Kilter, IMP and Hatchet which also are not at yye yet but are beasts and in that cheap range. Werrd has the minute which is an excellent undersize throw and the 86400 is amazing but a little more pricey. As for recrev the other throws using the stax system are plenty good as well.

I think the Hatchet, or Level 6 would fit you best.

Also just remembered there’s the Onedrop Benchmark series which should fit your preferences as well.

Just remembered one more which is the yoyomonster material which is around the same price as the RecRev

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level 6 looks way good. It seems to be pretty much perfect for me. Have you tried it?

I haven’t tried it but you probably want the Code 1. I’ve heard great things about it, one of the things I’m constantly hearing is how fun it is. It should also be really stable, fast due to the weight, and like every OD, really smooth.

The Code 2 is very nice as well. I have owned a Code 2, and it is one of the most stable yoyos I’ve ever owned, very solid and smooth. It’s not that fast though, but it can definitely be pushed.

wow thanx dudes. yoyoofficer looks awsome i’ve never even hear of them so thats a great suggestsion. also just a note i’m not a beginner either i’m a rather advanced yoyoer. i really do want a clyw just to diversify the collection… but i’m nervous that company is over hyped.

I say the yyf proton, but then again i dont care for very wide throws, but to me this thing is my perfect throw

I personally think it would be perfectly fair at $120 but their current prices are a little high for me. If you’re buying used then I’d go for it. I haven’t thrown one that was terribel. That being said I’d go with any of their new throws that got released in the last couple months, or a chief/bvm2.

If you’re interested then go for it and you can just get the hatchet and level 6 later since they’re not at yye yet anyways.

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thanx sparhawk. i actually took your advice and ordered a YYO. i got the crayon instead of the hatchet cuz i really dig that organic round shape. it hasn’t showed up yet but im stoked. that way i can buy a level 6 when they hit yye. really tho man thanx for all the advice…

I’ve also heard amazing things about the level six. :o

I myself have heard great things about the Level 6 and I’m wanting to get one soon. And since the Level 6 is here, I think it’d be a good idea to put the Benchmarks into play. Once again, many many great things about the Benchmarks. And their finishes are all solid. :smiley: Try looking into them!