what yoyo should i get?


Hello I want to get another yoyo soon but cant decide between the superstar and the 888?

Can anyone plz recommend one for me.


I wouldnt get either unless you can bind.


Well, i would go with superstar… be a rebel… 888s are popular… and i like superstar more…


kk i will LOl :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool! When did you try them?

Also, when playing with them, I have to say, I like the 888 a LOT more. I feel like the Superstar is too heavy, and too large, but I like the size and width of the 888 more.

Have Fun Throwing,


get a flying squirrel if a beginner/ intermediate ;D


Nah, if you are going for a cheap plastic, get a legacy. Flying Squirrels are not that good.


I just got ma dm today so ill get 888 in like 2 month.

Thx for advice ppl.


r speeeeeeeedeeeerrrrrr :stuck_out_tongue:


yea im getting 888 in like 2 weeks ;D