what yoyo should I get for big hands and all string tricks? also...

My bone structure in my arm is different than most people, it has been impossible for me to throw a centered sleep. Is their a yoyo to ensure I throw centered sleeps? I would be looking for that or purchasing a bearing separately and an ideal yoyo for string play with big hands.

Unfortunately, there are no yoyo’s that will ensure a centered sleeper.

That’s interesting that your bone structure keeps you from throwing a centered sleeper. As Killbuck said, there isn’t any yoyo that will automatically center your throw.

If the bone structure in your other arm is different, you could always try using that one?

I would just keep practicing your throw, it will no doubt get better as you practice. Also, if you have big hands, then really any yoyo larger than 54 mm will do wonders. I do, like the feeling of a small yoyo in my hands though, G2 quake and C3 Token.

Try a Horizon maybe?

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Was also going to say Horizon. They’re pretty large, bulky-ish and pretty stable. They won’t self straighten out but they will pretty much stay on plane when you do a clean throw, pretty forgiving.

Let go of the yoyo a bit sooner. Hold it a bit looser when you do hold it, and don’t throw a hard sleeper till you get the strait sleeper down.

If you have the money, a used CLIFF with a KK or Centertrac bearing would be ideal.

I agree. Horizon is oversized, stable, inexpensive, and spins like crazy. I think you might enjoy a YoyoFactory Horizon. It might make practice easier, and more comfortable for you.