What yoyo should I buy?


So I wanted to own my first metal yoyo since I got into advanced tricks I came down to these:
Yoyoofficer Lava
Duncan Raptor
(I know this one isnt metal but People like it) Yyf Northstar
Yyf shutter

So I like the shape of the yoyoofficer but it says its undersized and Im not fond of undersized yoyo’s but it only said slightly could you tell me if it is small? The duncan raptor is my kind of size but I don’t really want to get a new bearing for it and It shape is so-so to me. The northstar I like everything about it except I kind of want a metal yoyo and I don’t like larger gaps but I love everything else about it. The shutter the shape looks good but I don’t like the smooth edges around it (It might sound weird) but I have a harder time trowing smooth edge yoyo’s.

So Im really picky sorry ;D but It will come down to who plays better and if the lava isnt really small Ill probably lean toward’s that. So which one do you guys like?


The lava is bigger than the raptor so that settles it for those 2. Personally think the shutter is better than the northstar due to specs and just overall feel of the yoyo.

So I’d either choose between the shutter of lava. Have you considered the C3 level 6 or duncan torque as well? Both of those seem to be in your price range and may fit your preferences.


hmmm no ill check those out thanks ;D!


The Duncan Torque is an absolute beast of a yoyo. The Raptor is a good yoyo if you like something organic, but to learn tricks and compete the Torque blows it out of the water.


I have all of the yoyos you mentioned, and straight up, the northstar and shutter get the most play time. Shutter performs the best of the ones you mentioned, but I just like the northstar or protostar more for some reason. Don’t be fooled by plastics. The protostar performs as well if not better than a majority of the metals for the price range. I used a protostar until I finished expert level tricks.