New yoyo recomendations


I just started playin yoyos about 4 months ago. I bought a YYF Whip and quickly learned how to bind and am making my way through the advanced tricks. I want to get another yoyo either for my birthday(in January) or Christmas. I really don’t know what to get. I want to keep it under 80 dollars. What are some recommendations? I’m shorter (5’5") so keep my string shorter so i thought maybe i should get one that’s undersized. Idk.


You could get any of yyf fundiMETALS


Some great priced Bi-Metals
YYJ Atmosphere, YYJ Dark Magic 2, YYJ Phenomizm ( a little pricey, but worth it), YYF Northstar and YYF Protostar.
And some great priced Metals
YYF DV888, Duncan Echo, and Duncan Raptor, and ( haven’t played yet still recommend) Duncan Metropolis.
But there are still a lot more to consider. :slight_smile:


The Duncan Raptor is a great yoyo and also I’ve been hearing good things of both the metropolis and echo but I only tried the Raptor and it was great. Also there are the yyj bi-metals and yyf fundaMETAL series.

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I would recommend the Northstar or the Protostar both are great yo-yos and rather inexpensive
They both play amazing and can handle anytrick Ive tried on them

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I recommend the Popstar. The size fits your preferences, and it is great for this price.


Raptor would be a great choice. I don’t think you need an undersized yoyo. Both of my boys are shorter than you and they use full size yoyo’s just fine. With the Raptor, you get a nice full sized metal yoyo that’s great for learning tricks on and is also comfortable and fun to play with. Just a great yoyo, especially considering the price.

But if you’re going up to $80, you could get an ILYY Void. This is a fantastic yoyo. The only thing is doesn’t do well is grind (because of the Candodized finish. It looks great, but just doesn’t grind well). But if you don’t care about that, then it might be one you want to check out.


I’m considering a YYF Boss mostly because of the similar shape. Also because Augie is awesome. I might get the raptor. I really want to a metal.


If you’re only 4 months in but are blazing through the advanced tricks and you want to spend around $80? No sarcasm. Based on your progress, I think you’re working with some good numbers. Plus, lots of people have recommended a lot of good stuff at various price ranges, and this is also stuff, regardless of the price, is stuff worth considering.

I’ll only speak on what I have and know. Oh, and I’m only 5’6", and I don’t adjust my strings.

My “go to” recommendation is always the DM2, but I’m partial to it, and at just under $42, it’s within your budget. The only downside is it comes with 2 bearings and you clearly don’t need the slim bearing that it ships with pre-installed. That sort of thing is trivial. Similarly, the Speeder 2 is a few bucks more, loads of fun and a great performer, but it is meant for speedy play. I’m also a fan of the Hiroyuki Suzuki signature and would say the Phenomism and Meteor would be good too, and are items on my “want” list, especially since getting a Phenom a couple of days ago. However, the Phenom is outside your budget and the Meteor is just outside that as well.

The Northstar and Protostar are great plastics. Both of mine are vibe free and play great. The Northstar is heavier. Don’t let the fact they are plastic discourage you, they are both solid performers. But, their differences may lead you to have a preference. That’s fine.

If metal is what you’re after, maybe the dv888 is to your liking. Inexpensive and fun. CLYW is also within your budget if you want the undersized Campfire, which retails for $75, but they aren’t often in stock so check out BST.

Regarding the Raptor, I have heard so much good stuff about this model that it is in on my wants list.

Well, I’m kinda out of stuff to recommend. I have lots of stuff I throw and enjoy but it turns out that I’m mostly playing with stuff outside your price bracket.

Spend some time looking at darn near everything. Odd are you’ll enjoy pretty much anything. You’ll be so thrilled with something really nice. The Whip, while nothing special at a mere $10, is one heck of a great yoyo, ain’t it? I got one myself, and it’s loads of fun! Now after 4 months, you’re right, it’s time to move on, especially where you’re at in the skill level. When you do decide, just throw your toughest trick at your new throw and see where you’re at. Everything plays different, but you won’t need much time to adjust to your new yoyo. $80 can get you a LOT of great yoyo.