Dunno wat yoyo to buy???

Hi,i’ve been yoyoing for a while now and i’m looking for a good stylish,metal yoyo to do intermediate to advanced tricks with-Any suggestions.I have a $80 budget :smiley:

hubs or not
Let us know what they are so we can better assist you

A fullsize metal yoyo.Probably between 60-70g,it doesnt really matter.Color-an awsome stylish color or colors ;). Wing shaped.Silicone response.Hubs would be cool but it doesn’t really make a difference.Thanx :slight_smile:

There is the YYJ Meteor, although it is over your budget, but only by $2. There is also the Shinwoo Zen and Shinwoo Zen 3. You could also wait for the One Drop 54 to come out. :slight_smile:

The Auldey Virus is screaming at your face. :smiley:

The genesis looks like a good choice

the boss is an epic yoyo, also, any yoyo can do “intermediate to advanced tricks”

I think the Genesis would be a great choice for you. :wink: