What yoyo should I buy?

I’m stuck choosing what yoyos to buy or ask for, for Christmas. I hope you guys can help me choose!

I’ve thrown the three that are currently available, and of those three, I’d choose the Format:C

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go 7075 baby! Format: C!!!

Out of the choices, format c looks like your best bet :stuck_out_tongue:
But in the same price range, u could get a summit( just putting it out there because of other choices being mostly clyw)

Puffin 2 or ac2

I’ve tried them all at least once besides the Format :C.

The Puffin is gooood


Get one of those.

Or something else.

Seriously, without more information, we might as well make a decision by playing cowchip bingo. That is unless you, like myself, have a fairly lenient set of preferences.

Pretty much any throw from Caribou Lodge, OneDrop, Yoyojam, Yoyofactory, C3, etc will not disappoint you. They are all great yoyos. Just find the one that fits your preferences. And for me, that would be the Puffin.

I agree