What yoyo should I buy

I was wondering what yoyo I should get. I am a intermediate yoyoer my binds are ok . I want a yoyo that is bewtween $10-$40

try a YYJ Lyn Fury or a YYF Counter Attack

List your preferences Brian…

Brian, the Speed Maker is already okay dude…

But if really want another one… DIE-NASTY! or LEGACY!


Isn’t die nasty for 5a?

I want a medium a sized yoyo with some mods I can do to it thnks


new breed


The DIE-NASTY is also for 1A and 3A Brian…

this yoyo is a litlle more than $40 but i would suggest a yoyojam new breed, it is AWESOME!!!

if you can silicone yoyos get the lyn fury

if you can’t get the die nasty

in the end it doesn’t matter cause its all preference