help the first alabama yoyo constest is coming up and i need a cheap good yoyo cuz i throw all my other yoyos away

wat yoyo should i get

What’s your price range? I think a Protostar or a legacy would be good.

price range is in 20’s

Then yeah, those would be good in my opinion.

Legacy hands down in that price range.

A Velocity? It’s actually a nice yoyo.

Lyn Fury is another option

But why did you get rid of your other yoyos?

Yeah why did you throw your other yoyos away? And you could just borrow people’s. They’re almost always open to that.

Get a Die Nasty and a bottle of Thick Lube if you can’t bind well. :slight_smile: Die Nasty’s are one of the best yoyos for it’s price imo. Ballence, spin, float, and the rim weight are all great on this throw! :wink: