what yoyo does Andre Boulay use in master tricks

Hello I was wondering what yoyo Andre Boulay uses on his master level tutorial videos???

It is a Dark Magic I. This model is used on all of the 1A tutorials featured on YYE.

thanks :slight_smile:

Are sure I thought there was a second yoyo used in some of the videos. And what’s the difference between dm 1 and dm 2 and for some reason I thought the videos were done with the dm2 I guess I was wrong

Videos where done with a DM1, as they where all made before the DM2 existed. The difference between the two, is that the DM1 has Hybrid response, (Half starburst half o-ring) but the DM2 has dual YYJ silicone o-rings. There may be other changes, but if there are, I’m not aware of them.

I do seem to remember a full metal yoyo in like 1 or 2 tutorials I’m pretty sure. At the time i thought it was an axiom, but i may be remembering wrong.

EDIT: Went back and looked, but couldn’t find the full metal I’m remembering. Oh well.

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Well i would assume it’s either an axiom or trinity.

Andre made his tutorials a long time ago. The 1a and 5a tutorials were all done on a red Dark Magic One, the off string tutorials with an Aquarius, and the looping tutorials were done with Sunset Trajectory’s (It’s not clear if they were done with regular ST’s or ST NXG’s)

These videos were all made before the DMII, the Axiom, the Trinity, the Hex, all that business.

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Thanks for clearing that up. There was a video with André and (I believe his) wife where they are rocking the dm2 for some really cool off string stuff.

But I appreciate eating up my questions about the dm 1 and 2 :slight_smile: