Andre Boulay please consider

Andre Boulay and all of yye please conceder the Idea of bring back an old concept for a newer generation of yoyoers; or at least for me.

Just a thought…. The other day I was searching on the web for anything dark magic.
So I found the y.y.e dark magic ( ) and that was cool but then I saw a pink and black one ( ) and only, Only 225 pieces were made and I understand Special and Limited Edition Dark Magics!!!

So I thought if JD can upgrade the hitman to the hitman pro.
Why in the world not Andre Boulay, who has been here for us all at yoyo expert  also get a chance to do the same. I know that if the yoyo works it should be left alone; but why not…  IF not for me Andre think about the children…. The children  :’(

but andre made the dark magic and then it got upgraded to dark magic 2

the dark magic 2 is basically the dark magic pro ;D

Um, here already did. DM transformed to DM2 :P. He also has the Legacy and Trinity. I don’t think he needs another yoyo.

easy way to put this

JD his plastic is lyn fury ---- his bimetal is hitman pro ------- his metal is eneme

andre his plastic is legacy------his bimetal is dm 2 ---------his metal is trinity

The legacy is out if production which I hate

That is all being said, then Andre need another bi-metal to bring all in balance did you forget about YoYoJam X-ConVict… Look here please…( ) then is that 2 new throws needed to bring for a new generation of yoyoers. But that not my point I would like to see something eye popping :o like the Special and Limited Edition Dark Magics but that is not for a lucky few but every one…

Special and Limited Editions are usually reserved for events like major contests and other memorable occasions. Otherwise, they’re not “Special”. :wink:

Agreed; but for many who could not be at those events or did not know about the offers, well. That is a to bad so sad situation…

I’m not saying lets duplicate what has been done. That cheats the meaning of the yoyo that a few were able to attain.

Call it what you will, but every yoyo has a certain value to its owner like the dings dents we come across while honing the skills that has developed our style of play; from the first time we all were given a yoyo something about it screamed out to say let’s play. So that is were we would disagree about Special or Limited on any yoyo.

Thank for your reply, and please don’t forget I did ask all Y.Y.E for there input too. Your reply had made me think up a fond memory thanks. :smiley:

Actually, most of the special and limited editions are sold on this site itself, not at the events, so it is almost impossible not to know about the offers.

just wanted to mention : the ROYAL DM , it was like a gold edition or something but cool.

so maybe he will just come out with more stuff like that. I don’t think there are any more Royal DM.

but another yoyo with his name will definitely be awesome, i think it should be all metal.

actually i still call yye or email them asking about whether or not Andre will ever make a tutorial dvd with new stuff… now that ill pick up in a heartbeat. :smiley:

Edit: Sorry guys, just realized this is a really old thread.

You must not realize that YYE is owned by Andre.

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oh yeah i know, I remember back in the day (09) when i trained in MA, i called the yye # and he answered and i remember he helped me pick out my first yo from this site.

and then i got a new job and completely got lost in it… now that i have been home because of a disability (hopefully ill be back to work full time in a month ) i picked up yoyo again and i called the # and it wasn’t him but some great guys who also helped me get some new YOs

and a lot of new companies came in since 09 , so I was over whelmed , thinking what do i order but they were very helpful , plus the forums always help!!

and i remember one day i emailed them asking if they can put all of the videos on this site on a dvd for me lol cus i said ill buy it and i think they replied saying that he might be working on one, so yeah i keep bugging them about it … i probably sound annoying at this point.

but yeah it did sound like i had no clue lol

I downloaded all the vids and was going to compile it into a DVD, but I ditched that idea because I didn’t feel like making the effort. I instead import the videos into my iPhone for “training on the go”.

Personally speaking, I would like to see a well shot video with multiple angles, cards, break-down/walk-through and voice over and made available for sale. That would sell like mad!

1 Like has multiple angles. They make really good tutorials.


And Fixed… :wink:

Hmmm, sounds kind of like YOYOMAZE.