What yo-yo should i get

Ok guys I can do all of the beginner tricks on this site. i’m just now learning trapeze. i have 30-50$ to spend. I was thinking a dark magic. everyone seems to like those. any better alternatives?

Andre, can you please sticky Samad’s “No YoYo is Better Than the Other”?

You might want to tell us what you like in a yoyo. What size? What shape?

Have you ever thrown another yoyo?

If there is a contest near you, that is a great place to talk to people and try out their yoyos.

I guess I would recommend a DM. And buy some string too!

Here is the post that DYonch was talking about:

I like the Dual O-Ring Hitman as well

I recommend a dual o-ring hitman. I don’t like the hybrid response system found in the dark magic.

dark magic is a good choice. It is concidered “full size” which means it is a fairly large yoyo. My favorite yoyo in your price range is the x-convict, it is a bit smaller and lighter than the dark magic and feels more comfortable to me.

You have to tell us what style, shape, etc.
I would recommend a Hitman, Speeder, or Dark Magic.


He probably doesn’t know what he wants… ;D

How do you play, grinds, whips, slacks, speed, complex, 0a,1a,2a,3a,4a,5a…

if you are a begginer you probably wouldn’t want any of these unless you can bind,I started with a YYJ kickside.