What would your dream yoyo be

My dream yoyo would be a well known yoyo from the past. built by my friend, Shinobu, it is the most Amazing piece of yoyo Craftsmanship to ever roll down a string.

The Wire wheel yoyo he named, ‘The Nostalgia’.

Obviously there are a few yo-yos that can/would/could/should be described as ingenious and outside the box designs.

But there isn’t anything I can think of that can top the Nostalgia.

Last I heard, if you can talk Shinobu into making one, the cost is about $5000?

I think that price has more than one reason.

  1. The entire yoyo is a one man miracle of precision.

  2. The high price may discourage people for asking to buy one😉

PS… If I could have 2 Dream yoyos(because I’m dreaming, right?) I would say any number of B.I.S.T yo-yos Mastermind Ettore Ferro has conjured up using mental powers emitted from parts of the human brain that most of us don’t have access to.


Funny you mention bist. One came up on fleabay and I had no idea of its heritage.
Looked like a shamrock.
First b.i.s.t I have seen or even heard of.
I wasn’t sure of its originality because a few things made me deliberate if it’s worth £170.
To risky for the uninitiated newby to take a stab at.
Looked cool, no bearing or pads it’s looked.
Might go back and have a second peep.

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Also a General Yo KLR made out of 7075, stainless steel inner ring instead of the thick ring it has now, 64g and 2ish mm added to both the diameter and width.


A yoyo made by me that sells


Sad react

The best project! :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

Mine would be an undersized outer rim bi metal, either tiss or a normal bimetal that plays light and floaty on the string while being extremely stable. Specs would be 45 mm diameter, 35 mm width and 55g weight, maybe even lighter. It would have a rounded H shape for a comfortable catch.