Dream yoyo

What makes a good yoyo to u guys? If u could take one aspect of every yoyo u like and make one superyo, what would it be like? What would the stats be like? Ill go first. If they made a yoyo with the shape of a genesis, with the look and finish of a superstar, the grindability of the popstar, an the ability to take z stacks like the 888x, that would be epic. Also have a 48mm diameter, 70g weight, 42 mm width, and 4.7694629937626377488363637788mm gap. The color would be black with a red acid wash. I would use a red/yellow twisted 100%polyester string. What would u guys make?!?!?

a jirorian with the weight of a pacquiao. lolwut?

My own.

I don’t know. I mean, I really like the oversized throws like the Code 1 and DM2, along with their weight and hence the speed they function at(kinda slow/floaty), but I’ve got lots of other stuff I like as well. I do know I like big catch areas and smooth lines.

I’d actually like to see if the Trinity might be what I’m after. Or otherwise, a full metal DM2? But I’m throwing a lot of different stuff and having a great time doing so and loving the variety. Each one brings something different and I like mixing it up so I am constantly forced to refine and hone my skills and never get too comfortable.

My dream yoyo, would be a yoyo that destroys all other yoyos in terms of look and play.
And there would only be 5 made, so people would go crazy trying to get one, and it would be so hyped that people would start scamming to get them, leading to complete community chaos and ultimately the death of yoyoing.
Meaning that in 100s of years when historians find records of this strange “yoyo” object, they will forever remember the last yoyo ever in existance. “The elite dominator that reigned over all, that brought the world to its knees and beat it to dust in the wind.”

What a world.

My world


If I Could make my own yoyo I would copy the profile of my Kyo-Alph but add some Rim Weight.


i would make one off of the Dv888, but it must have stacks and it has to be bigger. I would also make it with a 10 ball bearing. (Or a koncave.)

Yup. Im pretty sure its called a hubstacked rockstar. Lollz if thats even possible

My dream yoyo would be a mid-sized h-shape at a weight of 65 g with a black finish that is good for grinding. Perhaps a candy blast finish? :o :o 8)

[tr][td][/td][/tr]A more round split decision with a small bearing and a sticker response. I would want it with all the same specs as a regular split d too.

my dream yoyo is a yoyo that can play 1a-5a and it is great on each division, that is cool.

You have an amazing world…
It would only mean complete and total chaos if it were to become a reality… Dude, get to work on that yo-yo ;D

My Precioussss