What would you guys prefer?

When I do my reviews, do you guys like it when I take my pictures in different environments, or should I start doing them in a light box? (Full white Background)

Let me know! :slight_smile:


I prefer MY pictures to be in a photobox/lightbox environment. I’m not a photographer, I’m not looking to go for “artsy”. I’m mostly taking snaps of my stuff to post online and be reminders for me so I can figure out what I have later on. Kind of documentary-minded.

I’m seeing lots of guys taking some great “non-photobox” shots. I think do whatever moves you at the moment. If you got the eye for it and you’re having fun, don’t restrict your options.

I think for reviews, if you’re just trying to show off the yoyo itself, it seems photobox type shots are the way to go. However, a few outdoor shots under the sunlight can really make the colors pop on some yoyos, so I think it maybe a good plan. Again, let the nature of the review and your mood guide you.

Ok, thanks guys.

I have a lot of neat ideas for my next pictures and reviews.

I’ll hold off on the lightbox for a little.