What would you get?

If you were given a certificate to get any one yoyo for free, what would you pick? Feel free to change your mind anytime.

probaly a skyline

Duncan Freehand MG, sell it and then buy like four or five yoyos.

General-Yo Magnum. After what i’ve heard about it on both YYE and YYN, I would LOVE to have one.

ya me too that or a Hatrick


I think a marmot or skyline

There are a few.

  1. GeneralYo torrent

  2. ILYY candy blasted teflon coated Lio

  3. Juvenile Offender

  4. ILYY void. (oh wait. I have one!) lol

  5. anodized Agape!

The SPYY Pure gold yoyo! It comes with a koncave bearing! if you dont beleive me, then look here!  ;D ;D


You realize that it’s just plated.

yes i do but it still looks awesome and has gold and a koncave bearing!

Ickyo Agape

Currently… SEVERE 2010…

Any yoyo tho… Probably a Grind Mutant 2

A DUNCAN IMPERIAL! Nah, probably a Genesis.

clever… very clever.


888x or skyline or mvp

B!ST Stravardi ;D


discontinued-yyf skyline rimdipped edition.

current-yyf 44 special.