Are you tired of seeing those old Duncans in your case? I can help!!!Updated!!!


[i][b][center] Are you tired of seeing those old Plastic Duncans in your case not being used?

Do you think the Yoyos should go to someone who actually loves them and will play with them?

Have you been hurt or seriously injured in a car wreck?

Have you been let down or hurt by a family member?

Are you in a pinch for some cash?

Have you decided that there has to be a better life?[/b][/i]

Well I can’t help you with some of those things…but I want your Duncan yoyos!

I have over 100+ feedback from YYN!

I’m looking for some goodies!! Its your time to shine guys :slight_smile:
I will pay with paypal…you will ship…sound good? Great!


Duncan Equals Love Freehand Zero…Red Body Pink caps

Screaming eagle Yoyos

Original Freehands


Duncan Equals Love Echo

Duncan AL

Duncan Baraccuda

Duncan Echo 2

Any Crew Edition Yoyo

Duncan Diversion

Now here’s the deal…I know what your thinking

“He’s wanting some good stuff…what does he have to offer?”

The answer my friends can be seen as better then a beautiful Woman…

I have green paper with dead presidents on it

Cash Money

Lets go…offer up beautiful babies


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This has to be the best LF thread I have ever seen.

Oh yeah. It deserves free bumps

keep this amazing post at the top. i thot it was super funny… sounds like some cheesy quick cash loan joint. this guy deserves a free slice of cheese

I would settle with some bad A offers on some yoyos :slight_smile:

who’s this kid with the 50 dollar cracked mongu fhz?


[/b] [/i] laul.


Everybody have dreams :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay no more posting in a bst thread!

I have a ton of throw monkeys I won last year. PM me for details

This guy is my new favorite poster


What a great way to star off you morning!!! Hahaha this guy deserves these yoyos for sure!! Get him them!!

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I want to say thanks for all the great offers and free bumps from everyone!

I need to say this though

When you message me I appreciate that…I really do…But tell me what you have and how much you are asking :slight_smile:

You silly goosies :slight_smile:

Now everyone get off the internet and throw a yoyo

after you sell me your duncans…

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Awesome Thread Bro, Just Pmed.

The community will take care of bumping this for you.

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why is this on the second page? bump!


Government decided that they would send me a tax refund check…im still looking

got zeros new for sale! new in package $15 each

Really wanting a cuda. Janos, purple or red is a plus