What would my Yoyo be Categorized as?

(I made this thread because I was wondering how my yoyo played like, so if I did comparisons to yoyos I don’t have I would know how to classify it. This is all based on the popular opinion, so there’s no right or wrong.)

If you don’t know how your yoyo is classified and want to find out, post the yoyos in this thread and hopefully with the help of veteran players who’ve used many yoyos they can classify it for you.

By Classifying, I mean:

-Solid VS. Floaty?
-Heavy VS. Light?
-No Personality VS. Unique?
-Unpredictable VS. Stable?
-Rock on String VS. Spring?
-Plays Slow VS. Fast?

I’ll start it off. Can anybody who’s had a lot of experience with yoyo play tell me how it plays? Italics is what I think it plays like: (I’m comparing it to what yoyos I have at home, which is only 3 xD

YYF Whip: ??? Super Light, fast, not very stable
YYJ Classic: ??? Heavy, solid, plays medium stable, a little slow
MagicYoyo N12: ??? Unique, speedy but stable

Hope this can help others as well. Again, if you have the experience with using many yoyos please help us (me too)!

this is a cool thread

The Classic is in no way heavy IMO ::slight_smile:


YYJ Classic (58g Worlds’14 version):
medium weight when swung in circles but light otherwise,
above average speed,
bouncy but deliberate string hits,
very good general tilt resistance and slightly above average horizontal stability

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Hahaha! This is exactly why I made this thread. So I can verify what I think it is to what the general consensus of it is. Thank you! To me, if not heavy, it feels too bulky and stable. ::slight_smile:

Thank You! I like to go fast (is it a stereotype? I’m Asian and people seem to say Asians like to go super quick :D), so I usually feel the Classic as heavy-ish. Also, I’ve never finger spun or done horizontal, but thanks anyways. Thanks for all the help, guys! Any ideas on the N12 or Whip?

I know what he means though. Maybe heavy isn’t the word. Sluggish maybe? Am I the first one to call a yoyo sluggish???

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Phew, I’m not the only one! It doesn’t necessarily feel heavy, but it gives that impression. Thanks for your input!

Classic ain’t sluggish >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

Is this your real opinion or protection of the Classic? I have nothing against the Classic, just compared to my Whip and N12, it plays more solid and sluggy to me. Sorry if that will insult more people, as I know many love the Classic xD

The 58g version definitely isnt.
also just ordered several 63.5g OG ones and theyl come in a few weeks maybe

Well, actually it is my favorite yoyo, and I’m not exactly a slow player. It wasn’t insulting, I was just putting those angry faces for effect :slight_smile:

No, the Classic is not heavy. But, it is solid, and can sometimes feel heavy when being thrown. So I see where Buggot got his statement from.

It feels solid compared to my Whip and N12. The Whip is of course super light, but the N12 feels the same weight but not as clunky when I throw it vs the Classic