What would happen


If Z-stacks went beyond the rim of the yoyo? Eternal arm grinds? Eternal walk the dogs? Amazing offstring tricks? Is that possible to do?


I thought of something like this, but with spikes instead of hubstacks. Most people thought it would work.


That would all be horizontal, though.


Something like this?




Thse are 3d printed, if u have a code 1 and a 3d printer find it on thingiverse


I have neither.



Neither do i lololol


If I had a Code 1 I would be willing to pay, like, $40 for those things. If someone has a printer, they could make a large amount of money with such a scheme.


Well, what about Synergy Caps or Synergy Prototype?

Things have been done, just never seemed to catch on I guess.

You could certainly find a 3D printing service and get some of those caps mentioned earlier made cheap.

(M.DeV1) #11

The audley photon spirit is available with these style rims.


Yup. Way fun yoyo too.

And for center hubs that extend past the end, I think there are these things called Stunt pegs that did that.