Independent rims.

I want to modify some spare hubstacks of mine to be independent rims like on the auldey photon spirit. Any tips on how I would go about this? I’m planning on fitting them on a g5, size wise.

Maybe some sort of lid for the body stacks.

I was considering that…

Theres a yoyo that ive seen that uses a zstack with a bit that goes over the rim to make it independent if that helps.

Some guy did that with a Superstar and the ends of some Coke plastic bottles.

You might be able to take the lids off of those thick plastic cups. If you cut ten down a but that might work

Or cut the bottoms off of some cups.

Are you just trying to make stacks that go over the rims? I’ve been trying to do that, but the extra weight even when balanced causes bad vib. I toke some caps off an arizona ice tea bottle, drilled them to fit a bearing, and made a ridge to keep the bearing in place. It’s playable, but not worth it.

i ment how would you prevent the cut bottle from cutting the string

Smooth it out with fire.

I’m pretty sure the reason more yoyos don’t have hubstack rims is that the design doesn’t really work. You’d probably be better off getting a photon spirit (I think they made a plastic version of it that retails like $15) and saving yourself the trouble of trying to make the concept work.

I’m just trying to find a reliable place to buy one. Pm me if you can, but if not it’s fine.

I just have some spare stacks that I want to mod because I don’t even use the first set.

good idea tomorrow’s project it is them!!!