What We Do in Life *Teaser*


Timeless Yoyos Presents: What We Do in Life, a yoyo video showcasing Dylan’s current 1A tricks and concepts.


“What you do in Life, Echoes in Eternity”
This concept has been a big presence in my yoyoing for the 2012 year as I tried to make progress in the ever more competitive contest 1a scene. With a large amount of inspiration coming from the idea that one day I want to be able to challenge and contend at big contests. A goal that seemingly materialized for me at this years US nationals finally ending a half decade of not making it to the finals. Up until this year when I would look at my past achievements in yoyoing the thing that came to my mind was always my 2007 US finals medal on my mantle. For years now I would look at it and have this thought, kind of like a little confidence boost that at one point in life you did have it together and you were competitive. Especially after a long string of poor showings at contests in 2011 the only thing that kept me going was the hope that eventually I would be competitive again. I really just felt like I had to do something. So at the end of the 2011 year I made some big changes, focused on strictly 1A only and came out swinging in 2012. So after a long 9 months of intense dedication I would like to present the fruits of my labor.

What We Do in Life… Coming Soon


Its Here Guys Please Enjoy


There’s so much inspiration in that video.

Awesome job!


Thank You! Its been a long year but it become worth it to hear words like that!


How long have you been throwing?

You are amazing!


Roughly Ten years now! Still yoyo everyday to keep getting better like when I started haha.


Wow! Amazing horizontals. Nice job!


Thank you! You can also check it out on yoyoskills now too Chris just posted it.


Those horizontals were astounding! great video. Phoenix is always a good choice for music.


Thank you! Ya I like Phoenix but the song is technically a remix by Vital Riots whos a close personal friend of mine.


This was amazing, great style, tricks, and inspiration. And I absolutely loved your horizontal combos! By the way, where was this filmed?


My Dads house In southern California on the patio we made on top of the garage to be specific


I need to learn some of this…


If you try to do some of these tricks dont be like me use a rounded edge yoyo or something that when it hits you wont draw blood because you will hit yourself haha. It doesnt happen as often anymore but when i was first working on some of these tricks it got a little sketchy at moments especially with a non rounded edge yoyo.


wow dude… this is my favorite new video!!! great job!!!

make some tuts for us ;D


Its hard to make tutorials for sideways tricks especially im sorry guys


So guys I really have to thank everyone that checked out my video all of the good word and my recent successes I might be sent to EYYC this year thanks to Timeless Yoyos. Thanks Again guys!