What was your fastest, easiest deal?


Earlier today I contacted sparhawk about his torrent 2. It was the easiest BST encounter I’ve ever had. I made my offer, then he agreed, then I confirmed my address. Literally happened in 10 minutes. Thanks Mike for the easy deal! Have you guys had something similar?


I’ve had many deals like that and they are perfect.

Too bad there are even more where random people PM me “HEY BRO I NEEDZ UR CYLW CAN U SEND ME 30 MORE PICS OF UR YOJO I REALLY WANT 2 BUYZ IT” and then after I send them more pictures they respond “COOL TANX OKAY I KNOW UR BEE ESS TEE SAYS U WATN 120 FOR IT SO ILL PAY 80 IS THAT COOL?”

or “omg i want ur peak so bad okay ill give u a diffusion, a speeder, a onestar, a shutter (stripped axle) and some extra string for it. lmk kk i really want the peak!”


Had plenty of super smooth transactions. Aagredano1 and Aznboyz were both super quick with communications and payment/shipping.



It’s always funny when people say this to you when you don’t even have a B/S nor have expressed any intention so sell your yoyos. I’ve had people that have been all:

“Please send me some close up pictures of your Draupnir. I want to check for damage so please make sure you get good quality ones and plenty of them.”

It’s like, how about you ask me if it’s even for sale first? Cheeky lads. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best deal I ever had was from a fellow on our UK forums. PMed him, got a response within 20 seconds or so, paypal-ed him the money then and there and sent him my address. The entire deal took like 2 minutes and I received the yoyo the next day. ;D

That being said I’ve personally never had a bad B/S experience. I make sure to only deal with guys with decent feedback and have the money ready to be sent over when I send the PM, so it always goes pretty swimmingly.


Probably a deal I did with kulazndoode. He contacted me while I was at school, it popped up in my email and I saw it. He wanted to trade a confetti cliff and a delrin severe for my code 1 and grey yeti. Sounded good to me (I was dying to try a cliff), I hit him up and turned out he lives a few miles from me. We met up in a park a couple hours later and it was a done deal! A trade done completely in 2 hours :slight_smile:


“Links” is the go to guy for an easy transaction! Just MHO.



Well, I’d have to say YOUR MOTHER!!! HAHA


In the traders feedback section of the bst there is a ‘good bst-ers’ thread. It hasn’t been posted in in a while but it lists some superb folks to deal with. No surprises that LL was on there, along with plenty of others. There are some people who I’d happily pay/trade extra with so I could deal with them.