How does b/s/t work


Question above


You know, more specific questions would make this a lot easier to respond to.

However, in most cases…

  1. Person posts a yoyo they want to sell
  2. Another person shows interest in that yoyo
  3. They work out a deal over PM
  4. Buying sends seller money
  5. Seller sends buyer yoyo.
  6. Feedback is left on profiles.

(Waylon) #3

PM = personal message.

Yoyos can be substituted for money.

If you aren’t specific when asking a question here, you will hear about it almost every time. We love to help but we don’t like to have to pry.


Check out the BST area.

See something you want? Send a private message. Work out arrangements. If it happens, it happens. Whatever happens, if you reach an agreement, honor it.


Want to sell or trade something? Post it up and use photos. People will send you private messages to arrange a deal.

Exchange funds or throws, box things up nice and mail or pay promptly. Make sure you have a Paypal account, it makes things so much nicer!