What was the First Yo-Yo related post you made on the Forums?

I’m just wondering, just for those people that didn’t get that joy to see a new person on the forums

Mine was in reply to “What is your favorite yoyo company”

“It would have to be Spin Dynamics”

This is a very cool thread idea!
My first post was a thread looking for a general yo hatrick.

I was just looking for a date. (Date of manufacturing on a yoyo for crying out loud! ::slight_smile: )

My first was in ye “Introduce yourself” thread. But other than that:

September 04, 2012, 11:03:09 PM :
"Eli Hops? Boomerang? I don’t even know what those are yet! I’m just starting out, and I burnt the everloving SCHNUTZ out of my forefinger doing a “Stop and Go”. Which is one of the more basic tricks, is it not?

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m suddenly very gun-shy about putting max effort into practicing the trick now!

darn that hurt…"


Mine’s messed up and says my first post is my current BST…

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Haha I believe it.

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My first post was asking for help on double or nothing xD

Actually my first 50 or so posts were purely in that section asking for help on basic tricks haha

I remember Yuki Onitsura gave me good advice on a few of them

I think mine was asking a question to Steve Brown about when the Team Losi Cherry Bomb was coming out. It was the first yoyo I remember anticipating the release of…before hype became a big part of yoyo marketing.

Mine was only a few months ago, on a thread called “Tips for beginners?”:

I talked like I knew what I was doing. I’m still terrible. :wink:

I started the hobby on May 13, 2013 and got my first yoyo, a dv888. My first post was about 1+1/2 months into yoyoing. I complained that my dv888s axle was lost, thought the North Star sucked, and convinced myself that metals r the only way. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,62560.0.html I didn’t buy a metal after that thread. I then posted about me being a 14 yr old junior in HS in the 2013-14 school year in the introduce yourself section.

Then I probably became the MOST annoying kid on the forums because I discovered my left hand didn’t suck at yoyoing that much and I decided to start 3A… And made probably 15-20 threads at most about asking for good 3A throws. I was dumb haha pretty sure that was my first 1/2 year here on YYE

It’s been about 14 months now and can’t believe how far I’ve gotten, I play all the styles but mainly 1A, 3A, and practicing more 4A over the other 2

My first post, even before introducing myself, was this apparently:

Why I felt the need to sign up here just to regail you with tales of Eastern-European drinking habits escapes me…

My first post was on the “What are you Throwing Today?” thread. It was: “Genesis and Supernova :slight_smile: 8)”

I actually got my forum account for the stick it click it send it win contests.

Haha, this one wins! I don’t know why you felt the need, but we’re sure glad you did. =P

I’m new here. My first were my CLYW wallpapers ;D

You made quite the “splash” with those. :wink:

Mine is from January 31, 2009

I said this^ in a thread asking how to prevent snags.

My very first post would’ve been in yoyonation, missed that place.