Any one else just realize how much of a noob they used to be?


So I’ve been throwing for about a year and a half, and I’ve picked up my fair share of knowledge about yoyos. Today I looked back at some of my first posts and messages right after I started yoyoing.

I almost did a face palm.

I saw that I made offers that we’re all over the place to dozens of people before even getting a response. I saw how many messages in a row I’d send to the same person. I didn’t even know that metal yoyos get dinged…I was the definition of a noob.

Has anyone else looked back to their forum youth? I was almost crying laughing at some of the things I said lol.

(Ian) #2

Everyone is a noob at everything more so than they are today.


Lol I’m still kind of a noob i guess. I’ve only been throwing since September.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #4

To be a noob is to be brave, to try something new, to be fearless of what others might say or think, to take a risk and explore life and accept new challenges.

I hope to be a noob at something every day! :wink:

Early posts just demonstrate how much each has grown as they learn and they explore what yo-yoing is and can be.

(major_seventh) #5

Lol my first posts were sometimes hilariously nooby.


I started May of 2013. I tried 3A a few months later with a friend’s pair. I then proceeded to post the crap and annoy the crap out of people by posting about 1-2 threads about what throw to get for 3A for about 3 months. About 20 threads that were pretty much the same thing haha. Now I am able to do atleast the basics of all 5 styles and explore Mobius too.


I didn’t really start forum-talking until I was a few years in so I only really had a month or two of it.


Yes. Oh so much yes.