What was the first ball bearing yoyo?

I was just wondering.

yyj dark majic. i like yyf much better now but i think its a great beginner yoyo.

Not even close…read the question a tad bit more thoroughly next time.

The Tom Kuhn SB-2. 1990.

cool, i always thought it was the raider, but thanks for answering my question.

SKF (Swedish Bearing Company) made some bearing yoyos in the 80’s. I think those were the first bearing yoyos ever made, not sure though.

^ generally accepted as the correct answer ;D

I think you meant SBC. :wink:

Ball bearing yo-yo was patented (approved; filed Jan. 3, 1963) March 30, 1965
“Ball Bearing Toy” M.S. Isaacson #3,175,326


I believe he was also the first to add weight rings to the periphery of a yo-yo.

Nah, he meant SKF
Stands for the company’s name in Swedish or something.

a black yyj legacy, then 2 months later, a yyf tactic



Guys, the question is what was THE first ball bearing yoyo, not YOUR first ball bearing yoyo…

lol…see reply #7 made by the UnstoppableWalnut

Oops, sorry I didnt know about those! Sorry for being wrong haha, but I was close. The SB-2 was the first successful ball bearing yoyo, at least I think so anyways.

Makes me sad people can’t seem to read…

sorry, I thought the post was your fist ball bearing yoyo, not the first :frowning: