Industrial bearings

Example, IF there is a Industrial Bearing that fit yo-yo’s (Fits YYJ Size C) so large.

-Is it okay?
-Are They’ll be difference in playing? (Stock & Industrial)
-Someone here has try it?

If it fits, its okay.
Of course they will be different, unless you get the same bearing.

The EZO bearings that comes in SPYY yo-yos are not made only for yo-yos, they come from a company called Sapporo/Ezo. They play well, so, like Samad said, if it fits, try it!

I’m not sure if there are any bearings that are made specifically for yoyo’s. They are made for a lot of other things. Not yoyo’s.

lol i use my element skateboard bearing in my 888 and it is insanley unresponsive and spins for about 11:00, my personal best

Whoops, I meant that the company makes their bearings only for their yo-yos, like the SPEC for yoyofactory yo-yos. I have not seen SPEC’s anywhere else (correct me if I’m wrong).

I tried putting a skateboard bearing. D:
How did you do that?
I’m pretty sure there will be a difference though.
Since they’re not made for yo-yos.

i really do not see a diference

A wheel bearing is a wheel bearing. There is minimal difference between two bearings of the same size. It would be no different than a SPEC vs YYJ bearings.

I hope you noticed that I said bearings aren’t made for yoyo’s. They are made for machines and RC cars and things like that. NOT for yoyo’s. Just an FYI thats all.


KK’s are definitely made for yoyos. And there’s a lot of companies giving special instructions to the bearing manufactorers. I know One Drop do that.

I think a better way to say this is that they were not originally intended for yo-yos. I’m pretty sure I know what you mean, but there are some bearings that really are made specifically for yo-yos. Dif-e-yos KK is a perfect example.

Back in I think it was 1995 or so before Dif’s I worked at a company that made machines that spooled fiberoptic cable. We had konkave bearings on that so…

I guess I could agree that yoyo makers are starting to ask bearing makers ways of improving freespin times. The ten ball was before onedrop though.

yeah i some some skatboard koncaves but i think theyre difference