Industrial bearings


Example, IF there is a Industrial Bearing that fit yo-yo’s (Fits YYJ Size C) so large.

-Is it okay?
-Are They’ll be difference in playing? (Stock & Industrial)
-Someone here has try it?


If it fits, its okay.
Of course they will be different, unless you get the same bearing.


The EZO bearings that comes in SPYY yo-yos are not made only for yo-yos, they come from a company called Sapporo/Ezo. They play well, so, like Samad said, if it fits, try it!


I’m not sure if there are any bearings that are made specifically for yoyo’s. They are made for a lot of other things. Not yoyo’s.

(JackG) #5

lol i use my element skateboard bearing in my 888 and it is insanley unresponsive and spins for about 11:00, my personal best


Whoops, I meant that the company makes their bearings only for their yo-yos, like the SPEC for yoyofactory yo-yos. I have not seen SPEC’s anywhere else (correct me if I’m wrong).

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

I tried putting a skateboard bearing. D:
How did you do that?
I’m pretty sure there will be a difference though.
Since they’re not made for yo-yos.

(JackG) #8

i really do not see a diference

(JM) #9

A wheel bearing is a wheel bearing. There is minimal difference between two bearings of the same size. It would be no different than a SPEC vs YYJ bearings.


I hope you noticed that I said bearings aren’t made for yoyo’s. They are made for machines and RC cars and things like that. NOT for yoyo’s. Just an FYI thats all.

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(JonasK) #12

KK’s are definitely made for yoyos. And there’s a lot of companies giving special instructions to the bearing manufactorers. I know One Drop do that.

(JM) #13

I think a better way to say this is that they were not originally intended for yo-yos. I’m pretty sure I know what you mean, but there are some bearings that really are made specifically for yo-yos. Dif-e-yos KK is a perfect example.


Back in I think it was 1995 or so before Dif’s I worked at a company that made machines that spooled fiberoptic cable. We had konkave bearings on that so…

I guess I could agree that yoyo makers are starting to ask bearing makers ways of improving freespin times. The ten ball was before onedrop though.

(JackG) #15

yeah i some some skatboard koncaves but i think theyre difference