This is a question ive had in mind for a while. So I know unresponsive play became popular in 2003 after the hitman was released. But, did anyone actually play unresponsive at contests before that? And were there any yoyos solely made for that before the hitman?


I’ve heard of a yoyo called a SB-2 that came out before the Hitman. It revolutionized yoyoing by introducing friction stickers. I don’t know if it was unresponsive or not but it sure did change the way yoyos worked.

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Yup, you’re right… it was the first yoyo to use an aluminum ball bearing.

I remember reading something about the YYJ SpinFaktor, I don’t remember it’s significance relating to this subject but I do know it was YYJ’s first “high-performance” yoyo and came before the Hitman I believe.

I’m sure someone like Ben or Steve could answer this question in great detail as there isn’t much information on the subject online and most of us weren’t around when all of this was happening.

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I’m pretty sure it was YYJ’s first yoyo…


Silver Bullet 2 basically was the first bearing yoyo. Then SpinFakor took it to the next level, and Hitman just hit it home. It was unlike anything else of its time. I still have the original type of Hitman… (Like not the pro)

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Didn’t Frank DifEYo play a part in this as well?