Questions about Tom Kuhn

Okay, this site, fairly popular for teaching tutorials like YYE.

They just started selling a Tom Kuhn yoyo. Wodden, classic imperial shape, multicolored and USA made.

Is Tom Kuhn still alive? Does he still make throws? Was he the first to use a bearing in a yoyo? Are these TK throws I mentioned worth anything? Are they special? They are sold for $10.

Yes he is still alive. He does not make them, they are now made by BC. He was the first to make the BB famious but he was not the first to actually use one. TK yoyo’s are excellent throws (3 in 1) those usually sell for around $30. The $10 ones are “ok” though…

Yes, Tom is still very much alive. He no longer makes the actual yo-yo’s which bear his name, but many of them are still made using his original designs. He was not the first person to use a ball bearing in a yo-yo (that was a Swedish company called SKF), but his SB-2 was the first metal ball bearing yo-yo and was one of the yo-yo’s which really helped bearings gain popularity.

I assume you’re talking about either the Wood Rocks yo-yo or the Lightning (both $10). If so, the WR a pretty good player. It’s really good for stall tricks and plays a lot like a Duncan ProFly. The Lightning is imperial shaped and an old BC (Brad Countryman) model. I find that it’s a bit heavy as a looper.

Best Tom Kuhn model (imo) is the No Jive, hands down. Unfortunately they’re pretty hard to find and you find A LOT of variation between the different versions that have been produced over the years.

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WAIT… :o :o :o last time i checked all the “Wood Rocks” were sold out. ;D and… i got one coming my way now :smiley:

Thank you for this thread!

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Besides, it’s not polite to use their stuff w/o permission…

You can see one here:

This is the one. Sold on a website for 10 bucks and various colors. (Not pic is not from the website, it’s from a different one).

I know what site your talking about I think… They have an app too right?

As ed noted, these are a bit heavy. It’s due to the use of the laminated wood.

Hey JHB, that pic was on google,sorry for the trouble. Just looked for a good one and posted.

Yes, the site does have a IOS App.

Quit useful. But YYE is better because of the forum and blog…

I love the Lightning. I have a stockpile of them. I wore 4 or 5 out back in the 90’s, and now I have 10 new in the box for when I need them. My current one is still hanging in there. They aren’t collected, they are just stored, waiting. :slight_smile:

Also, Rainbows are great.

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