What tricks have you pulled off with a YYF Mighty Flea?


Just wondering what you players out there can do with it. I can do And What, Superman, Yuuki Slack, Boingey Boing to name most of them. It’s really difficult to use!


I borrowed my friends for a few weeks and honestly it’s not as hard as a lot of people make it out to me.

I can do any trick in my arsenal as long as I have enough spin time. The thing with the flea is it has NO SPIN TIME. The longest trick I can do is Ladder Escape, that in itself is only like 10 maybe 15 seconds but it is mighty hard to pull off without running out if spin


Well I’d say it’s about 4 times harder to pull off tricks than a regular yoyo. Most of the difficulty I find is that the bearing often suddenly turns responsive making slacks unpredictable. Ladder escape wouldn’t be easy, as hops can cause the flea tilt if not done with laser accuracy.


Yea it’s definitely harder but not impossible. Some people say they can’t even give it a proper throw, maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.


Is there such a thing as a mechanically repeatable yoyo-throwing robo-arm? Or is that too Ikea/car company/industrial for yoyos?


Well I can do pretty well with it too. I don’t see how just throwing could be hard. I’ve even heard people say the can’t bind successfully either.


Branding is about my best trick on the flea. I have the older one. It doesn’t have much of a butterfly shape. It’s more like a tiny proyo shape. I really want to try a new one just seems to spendy.


Yeah it’s a big price for a tiny yoyo.


None, cuz I don’t have one!


I wonder what the mighty flea would play like if it was made of tungsten…


i have ALMOST done a fingerspin on a mighty flea… but it fell off after like two seconds :’(


Oh yeah that’s pretty cool. Just don’t cut the string too short. :wink: Funny thing is people have done that and not realize and they get so frustrated they post their problem in the forums.