Mighty Flea Help

I need help on getting more than a weak spin (The yo-yo is sleeping for 5 seconds and then stops) out of the Mighty Flea. It is impossible to do tricks with it :frowning:


I can’t describe very well, so this is as much as I can give you about my problem.

The mighty flea is tough in general (due to size). Please make your problem more clear.

The Mighty Flea can be difficult for many, myself included.

I would suggest practicing a lot more, just for starters

As far as other suggestions, use your thumb to help hold the yoyo in place at the tip of your middle finger so it can really get some good spin when you flick your wrist.

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Yes, not enough information…

No, it’s not.

People want to help. They need more information in order to better help you.

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We need more info.
But, I’m just saying… make sure the throw is straight…I find use a slightly weaker throw than your average helps with stability.
I can land skin the gerbil like nothing on a flea. Just practice.


You know, I’d like to see you do that. Not because I doubt you, but because wathing the Mighty Flea in action like that is really cool to watch.

You’d think for something that small, you’d be super limited, but it’s only limited by one’s skill, determination and ability to adapt to the smaller string. When I want to frustrate myself, I pull it out and give it a shot!

Are you using flea string?

Is the string tight around the bearing when wound up?

Are you giving it a nice, hard, straight throw?

I got a flea this year at worlds (looking for a 2009 flea axle! pm me), and it spins with quite a lot of power.

I give the straightest throws with the most power to my ability. I do use flea string.

Ah - are you the guy who bent his flea axle?

Yep, dropped it and got a good 40 degree bend in it.

try my method (commented above)