What trick kept you going?

Pandemic has been pretty weird time for all of us and I was wondering what trick, if any, kept you going because it just felt right. I only started to yoyo in November and am not terribly good but have really been digging the trick tonkotsu ramen.

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I started in xmas! seems like a lot of newer people starting around that time and before.

i know what you mean, but for me, beef hook came me coming back for more. its so satisfying to hit. and once I got more consistent with it I can now throw it into some combos


Actually Susie was the trick that really kept me going. Sadly, one day she wasn’t on the corner and I found out she got engaged to a big rig trucker and moved out of town.



Hey, I’m a trucker, and my wife’s name is Susie.
She always said she was an “essential” worker.
You’re welcome?

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Kwyjiibo variations and kickflips.


sounds like you were the trick…

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Not gonna lie. Made my morning.

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I actually like a lot wrist mount tricks like save the queen , Mario and luigi, bo-hoos castle and co

Have any tips for that green triangle at the end of Boo’s castle? I everytime I let the slack off my wrist my yoyo binds up on me.

What Yo-Yo do you have

Maybe send a video so I can see if you are making something wrong

Ah and i just landet Reverse brent stole today the first time. If someone has a problem with it just tell me. I was making it wrong the hole time before but actually it’s even way easier then a normal Brent stole ( for me)