what trick is this?

Whats the trick when he does it horizontally at 58 sec or 59 sec? Do u need a koncave bearing?

It LOOKS like it is a brain-twister combo done off-axis. From the video now, I can’t determine any more.

Luckily though, the trick is straightforward. Do a brain-twister off-axis. :smiley: But of course, it easier said than done.

A konkave is not needed, and is actually never needed to do any trick. It will help a bit, but nothing tops practice. Just have at it and keep trying until the trick starts to happen. It’s easiest to start with the yo-yo slightly off-axis, then work your way up to being completely vertical.

Hope this helped!

i would love to see a tutorial on that.

i cant watch the whole video… his ego gets to me… :-\

Yup it’s just his own braintwister combo. A koncave bearing is never needed to do any tricks ever at all.