How to do this Common performance trick?

In nearly every performance I see, yoyoers to this trick. First they go into a trapeze, they do a lindy loop 1 or 2 times and then roll of the trapeze and into an undermount and do lindy loops from there, then they repeat that. My question, how do people do it at such high speeds, because for me I have trouble using another finger and if I use my index I cant do it fast.

So, which fingers do people use for doing this fast?

I believe you are talking about brain twister combos. Check it out in youtube, there is tons of them out there.

Yup, they’re called brain twister combos. There’s a few tutorials on Youtube. They go that fast simply with lots of practice.

If I’m not mistaken, Josh (Jayyo) did a video a while back about braintwister combos, it should be posted here somewhere!

Here it is  ;D

aha thanks guys. i knew thats what they were called, i just couldnt remember it! the tutorial doesnt really teach any specifically, just how to make your own. does anyone know tutorials of any combos people have made up?

You really just have to either watch people on youtube or make them up. Sorry.

ok. thats what i guessed.