What trick did you land today?


2 turn light house to double flip airplane.


Landed my first earth turn… I found it’s easier with my thumb on the big cup.

I’m getting better at controlling where the hole ends up. Still having a little trouble with the base cup in the ken grip and the small cup in the sara grip…


Hot dang, Heero! :o


Around the World! Finally. That base cup was kicking my butt! :stuck_out_tongue:


dude. The base cup still kicks my ass.

thanks man. To be honest. The double lighthouse flip to airplane was by mistake… I was grinding the double light house flip to light house. ::slight_smile:


Saw others doin em so I figured why not join the party. Dub whirlwinds.


Oh. And wait for it… The dub lighthouse flip was unlocked!!!


You kidding me right here? I can barely sometimes lighthouse when I’m being super cautious and in control of every millimetre.


Not very good at downspikes so I’ve been practicing them on and off all week. Getting better, so much that I decided to make a short combo with other tricks I haven’t tried before. Too bad I lost the in at the end.


Heero, that was all kinds of awesome, even with that last miss. The last spike would’ve been icing on the cake. :wink:


Yeah, I still have yet to develop consistency with base cup to spike, but it started with consistency troubles with just base cup to begin with. It always goes back to the base cup. I think we should get rid of the stupid thing altogether.

Not that this is anything on Heero levels, but I have something in my video that Heero never will, and that is me getting nailed in the tamas!


Ouch! Haha

I’ve been working on that pesky base cup. Getting better.

Today I landed an around the world to 2x earth turn to small, big, spike! I was stoked!

I found playing outside in really good light helps with spotting the hole for the earth turns…


no. That I do not. But I got spiked between the eyes the other day. Cut me open and left a big knot.

nice man! Keep it up! And yes. Playing outside or with good lighting helps!

Edut: So I haven’t been able to play my new GT till today due to a terrible cold that drained me. This GT is a lunar machine. It’s almost too easy with it. I also landed a pull up lunar, lunar flip to lunar and in. Pretty stoked. Also almost landed a lunar barrel roll. Will film tomorrow with some results hopefully.

Second edit: turntables. Just got that down. These are fun.


Stuck a couple lighthouse flips today so I’m pretty happy with that.

I’m also starting to land the base cup to lunar more frequently. Today I landed it a couple times after about 25 attempts, which is far better than it was. Yesterday I landed it a few times, but I can’t even remember how many attempts it took, it was so many.


so you mean like catch tama on base cup, trade flip to lunar? That sounds sick.

(major_seventh) #176

Lighthouse flip to spike!


Now you can practice quickly tapping the lighthouse into the spike. It’s fun and easier than I thought it was going to be.

I didn’t communicate effectively. I meant lighthouse to 1/4 lunar, but now that you say it I have been practicing the trade flip to lunar and it is easier than any of the other trades I have practiced. So, thanks for the idea! ;D

I saw that you were pining for an aTack tama in your last instagram post. I have an aTack paired with a lunar honed beast of a ken, and yet I still land my lunars far more on my natty ash Homegrown that feels slippery by comparison. My aTack is okay, but it doesn’t effectively help me in real life scenarios. Also the paint peels away very easily on mine. The only paint I have found to actually help me stick the tricks so far is KendamaUSA silk. I haven’t tried any other rubber paints to compare however. In general however that Ash HG is a beast and my go to setup when I want to film because it is easier to land any trick. This is with the cups pushed down and the spike has been reshaped at random with my pocket knife, lol.


Thank you for the info. I had been very skeptical on getting a rubber paint. I felt it was cheating and kinda took away from actually learning proper technique. I love my proclear tamas after they’ve been broken in but am beginning to love natty tamas. My harvest moon stripe split tama is Getty pretty tacky without even been broken in. It’s now my favorite jammer however the sarado slips off so easily. Not sure why since its newer and had been slipping since day one. Maybe I’ll slip a piece of paper in it just to stop the annoyance.

Edit: Haven’t done to much of these kind of tricks so what the hell. Laced a couple single and double spacewalk to handroll to spike. Pretty fun and easy trick except for the spike. That’s hard to track easily.


I don’t feel like it is cheating, but if that is all you play on it will inhibit your growth. Even with the rubber you have to be accurate, just not to the same degree. Every once in a while I play with it, but it makes me sloppy pretty quickly.

Sometimes I feel like proclear gives some grip, other times (when it is cold) it feels like it just makes it more slippery. That said, it is my favorite paint coating. I have an HG x Sourmash and while it is crazy sticky when I just put the ken on the tama and balance, I have yet to land a single lunar on it yet. I don’t get it.

As far as the loose nature of your grapevine, my ash setup was pretty loose right from the start so I think the tolerances vary depending on how dull the cutting tools are at the time.

I need to get into that spacewalk stuff for some variety.


Yeah. I know it’s not cheating. I think it was a way for me to convince myself to go with a normal tama but now I wanna try a silk or something, not that I need it.

Thanks to inspiration from above, just landed a one turn lh>lunar>1 flip to lh>Airplane. Gonna start my grind to lace one turn lh>1.5 flip lunar>1 flip insta lh flip>lh>tradespike. It’s gonna be rough…