What trick did you land today?

I landed a Lighthouse to upside down spike today. What a good day. :slight_smile:

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Lighthouse to half turn spike is called, “Falling Down”.
Very nice job by the way!

Yesterday I landed a new little combo… I haven’t been playing kendama that much recently though.

I went Big Cup, Bird, Bird over Valley, Spike.
I only landed it once. All other attempts were unsuccessful.

Thank you. Thanks for the info too.
So that’s called a half turn spike, the one I called upside down spike. Haha
Landing a trick in Kendama feels much more fulfilling than landing a trick in yo-yo IMHO.

I totally agree. Consistency with a kendama is much more elusive than with a yoyo. It makes landing a trick much more exciting.

Around the world (once)
Airplain (once)
Around Japan (three times)!

That is also what I have in mind. You miss hundred times (sometimes even more) before landing a trick.

Nice! Keep it up!

Owned my friend in our games of KEN. Pretty much just doing sick combos. One was airplane to lighthouse to lunar, in. The only “trick” we call is like around USA or spacewalk.

I just started Kendama yesterday for the very first time. I landed around the world once today. It was very satisfying.


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Haha thanks. I really need a camera.

Jumping Stick and Around the Universe.
I can now also do Moshikame up to 100+. I focus on landing a lot than speeding it up.
I think I’m becoming addicted. ;D

Bird to Spike
Little Bird to Spike

I think it overtook on yoyoing a bit. :-[

Got my first Bird last night.

Underbird, Bird Over Valley, and a short combo, Spike to Earth Spin to Little Cup to Spike to Earth Spin.

If you can’t tell, I’m learning from the videos of Sweets. I’ve downed all the Beginner and I’m done on more than half of the Intermediate. The combo I’ve practiced is the one in the intro of their tutorial videos. ;D

I’m gonna have to check out the Sweets vids. I’ve been learning from Kendamapp.

inverse bird.

Been working in hitting Bueller Wheel consistently.

Today I did an Airplane to a kenflip spike!

I finally landed swing in a couple times ;D

Spacewalk Hand roll to Around the Universe.