What trick did you land today?


Got my first lighthouse that didn’t require me to run all over the room to balance. :wink:


I started landing lighthouse and bird pretty often.

Now to just get it consistent…


light house to spike!!!

(Waylon) #24

Nice! That’s called Falling Down, by the way. Way harder than it looks, if you ask me :wink:


I landed the UFO! Been trying to land it for almost a month.


Yea. I did it once last night after a hour of trying…lolz


The spike




This might sound lame, but I FINALLY landed Around Japan. I could NEVER spike it from a cup. This has officially got me more interested in Kendama. Now I gotta work on Around the World!


Chopstick gyros.


I am pretty sure I landed this before, but I today landed Airplane for the first time in a while!


Earth Turn on my new pill.


This. I actually landed my second one this morning, but yooldman’s statement was so true it made me laugh…


I’ve been going way too hard on my kendama. My yoyo’s are jealous. Today I got a one turn lunar > lighthouse > one turn to lunar > lunar flip > falling spike. I highly suggest an atack to anyone trying to step up their balance game. I learned all of these tricks in about a month of playing it.


Jumping Stick
Earth Turn

Loving my new Sweets


Landed airplane several times yesterday. Now I’m trying to get lighthouse.


Earth Spin :slight_smile:


Finally learning some stilts after a jam with the Ken Co team. I got one turn stilts > lighthouse > falling spike today. Stoked.


Light house



Swing up spike, flip to lighthouse, then back to spike! Next one will be swing up spike, full flip spike, lighthouse, full flip lighthouse, flip to spike!