What trick did you land today?


It was yesterday: jumping stick.


landed my first bird on my g2xklackkendama yesterday morn now im getting them all day


around the idk
spike, bigcup, spike, smallcup, spike, bottomcup, spike spiegel, and missed the earth like whoa.


Triple turn UFO :slight_smile:


after about four months of playing kendama, finally hit a lunar to spike.
and then hit it a couple times more.



I rule.



Extremely inconsistent spikes.


Earth Spin on my Terra Pill


Lighthouse flip


Earth turn, and lighthouse at club!




2 Spikes in a row :o


So I was trying just to do an airplane, but I accidentally landed a stilt. Not realizing what I had done for a few seconds, I held it there, but dropped it just because I thought I missed the airplane. I’ve been trying to get it ever since, and I’ve come close, but I can never seem to gain completer control and balance of it yet.


Just landed a one turn lighthouse, to falling, to jumping stick. Felt good. Felt real good.


Slightly more consistent Spikes :smiley:


Blah blah wron section


I got my Spacewalk Airplanes fairly consistent now.

I’ve landed Stilts about 10 or 12 times. Out of hundreds of attempts though. lol.

I got my Lunars pretty dang consistent as well.

I have also been enjoying Bird Turns to Spike recently.


Bird. Finally.


Yuki slack chops


Spiking to landing on big then small cup then to the bottom cup to getting a spike from the bottom cup, felt soo good! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Too bad that was a ‘once upon a time’ story :’(