What trick did you land today?


Jumping stick – 2nd time!

(Waylon) #62

That trick drives me crazy!

(Erik Kerber ) #63

I landed a spike last thirsday While I was at yoyo night

Im very new too kendama so spiking it is still very hard for me (yoyoings my main thing)

  • 2-turn jumping stick
  • Tilt the balance (aeroplane-lighthouse-falling)
  • Bird-earth spin-spike


There are a couple combos I like to do:

Spike - Earth turn - Swing (?? I don’t know the English name of this trick. Hold the string, swing the ken around and catch the tama in the base cup) - underhand spike


Airplane - Jumping Stick - Swap (?? Again… After catching the ken in the tama (like after airplane), throw them into the air and catch the tama in the base cup) - underhand spike

Last week, I got:

Lighthouse - spike - jumping stick - jumping stick - swap - underhand spike

That last one is my most ambitious kendama feat to date.

As for something new, I’ve learned small bird recently. That’s my newest thing. Still pretty inconsistent. The only trick I don’t seem to have more of an advantage with on a Musou, surprisingly.


Lighthouse for the first time and 5 earth turns in a row!


Just getting gunslinger. Working on one turn lighthouses.

(Erik Kerber ) #68



Thanks man! :smiley:

(Erik Kerber ) #70



Bottom cup ken flip

Down spike


Getting consistent at landing earth turn is so hard. Of course I thought a normal spike use to be super hard so I’m sure I’ll get it eventually. I’ve only been kendamaing (?maybe?) for 4 days ;D


After 2 months of getting my first kendama, here’s some stuff i learnt.


And another shorter edit for Instagram


Awesome video man. What kendama are you using?


How!!! I’ve been doing it for like 6 months and I can’t do lighthouse…


Mugen musou, sparkling green and snow gold.
Glad you guys enjoyed it!
I promise a better edit once i have better tools.

@ J Singh 2K,
there’s a very old Japanese tip on learning Lighthouse.

  • Start by just placing the ken on the tama and move your arms around gently in a circle (you’ll offset the balance, and naturally you’ll try to regain it).
  • When comfortable, lift the ken up (at the spike tip) about 1cm from the tama and drop it back on the tama, and do your best to gain control.
  • When you get more comfortable, incrementally lift the ken higher until you feel confident.


Going have to give this ago! I’ve being struggling with Lighthouses, can rarely get them.

Dunno if i can post stuff i’ve done on my Pill today but i assume i can ^-^
Got this… http://instagram.com/p/h1gjgiM5Z7/
“A finger touchy string thing flippidy knock underflip catch” is what i’m calling it :wink: haha
Can’t put this thing down though 0_0 so addicting and fun!


Sweet! Thanks for the tip.


Around the world (once)
Airplain (three time)


Just landed:

Lighthouse (2 secs) to falling down to a 360 upside-down spike. Today was a day.