Kendama USA Super Sticky on the way!

So I will be starting Kendama when my new Super Sticky gets here at the end of the week. I’ve never even held one. So…any tips or advice for a brand new Kendama-er (not sure what the term for a person who plays Kendama is)?

Same advice I would give to someone learning yo-yo - Learn the basics before trying the crazy looking stuff, it will help in the end.

Around the world is a great early trick to learn (big cup, small cup, bottom cup, spike) so is airplane (spike from holding the tama instead of the ken) or earthspin (spike, spin the tama one rotation and spike again).

Then go for some of the balance tricks like light house, bird, or lunar (they’re harder but the super stick kendama should help with these!)

Watch some videos, see what tricks you can learn, and have fun!


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