Just got a Kendama.


Hello I just got a Kendama yesterday it’s a Duncan Komodo Kendama and it’s fun. But i’m kinda stuck on balancing tricks. Are there any kendamas that are better for balancing or just better in general?


You should get a sweets focus atack they are amazing!!


I have a Sweets Focus Stained.

Still can’t do balancing tricks, but I suppose I just haven’t practiced enough.

I don’t think there’s any secret to it other than extreme patience.

If you superglued your spike, you have to make sure it doesn’t go past the taper. That can make it harder to land birdies and such, especially if you’re just learning.

People who have mastered it seem to be able to land it even on the slickest kendamas. So yeah, it’s just about practice, I suppose. Unlike yoyo, Kendama has a really steep learning curve, even more so than fixed axle. (Although they have their similarities.)


I’d recommend a good ole’ ozora.
If you’re still having a hard time with balance tricks just drill a balance hole in the basecup.