What trick did you land today?


I can’t land airplane help???


Try making the motion more “jerky.” Like a really sudden and fast pull to flip the ken.
I landed around the world!

(LinkDawg) #83

I landed my first lunar!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Well I just got my first kendama yesterday (a gold stain Sweets) and so far I’ve gotten my spike, big cup, little cup, bottom cup and airplane down. I’ve gotten jumping stick 3 times by some measure of chance. The only thing I seem to be struggling with is whenever I have the tama on one of the cups, I can’t seem to spike it, any help?

(Mitch Ginder) #85


I had ordered a kendama but sadly didn’t come today. I sure hope it comes tomorrow.

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Dude, I had an English teacher who no one liked named Ms. Hayden. Guess what we called her?

Sometimes you have to impart a little spin on the tama to rotate the hole to a position where you can spike it. It’s just a matter of practice. It also helps if you already have the tama in the cup in such a way that you’re already set up to make spiking it easier.


Last night I landed 7 earth turns in a row, then a few minutes later I landed 5 in a row, which felt pretty good. Later I was trying to do another earth turn, and actually accidentally landed a bird, not even looking at it, then finished it and everything. I had been trying to do that for so long, then I just did it by accident. I almost screamed out of excitement.


Wow I totally missed that this is a thread about landing Kendama tricks and not yoyo tricks. Recently I’ve been practicing hitting bird consistently, and working on getting around the USA more consistent as well. Can’t for the life of me land a Lunar though.


I just got my pro model and to be honest it kicks my sweets stain’s butt. I’ve been hitting more airplanes and jumping sticks in a row and I can actually get lighthouses to fall down spikes now ;D


behind the back spike, and gunslinger to spike (from floor - so it’s kinda cheating haha)

almost got a lighthouse… and even though I’ve got an uber-sticky tama… I’m just lousy at it still haha.


I am working on combining Buddha’s Revenge and McBride’s Rollercoaster. For me it takes days or longer just to learn a trick and then to keep the spinning up to go on is hard for me.

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Crazy so how do you do those on a kendama then? Did Takashi mod a kendama for you too?


OOPS! I do not know this was a Kendama query.

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haha dont worry about it man, easy mistake.


Airplane… shhh I’m a noob. Second day :stuck_out_tongue:


I landed bird over valley a few times at PNWR and a handful of times since then. It’s a tough trick. Still no luck with Lunar.


After a many, many tries; Spacewalk Airplane!


I’m so stoked! I just landed a airplane, to fast hand base cup, switched to the ken grip while doing around the world, then spiked.i think that’s pretty good for only playing for a month or so


I’ve been playing kendama for about 2 months now, but I got a lighthouse to a stunt pilot spike to jumping stick! It was kinda odd with my hand position on the tama to do stunt pilot off of a lighthouse but I’m working to make it more consistent :slight_smile: