What trick did you land today?


I landed handle stall to spike at PNWR. Sanchez202 saw it


He did do it! I seent it.

I’m working on Lunars right now, and I’m hating it. So difficult to land.

(Erik Kerber ) #103

I landed 2 spikes in a row last night which is pretty good for me. I suck at kendama I don’t even own one yet I was borrowing someone elses


A few bird over valleys and Lunars today. Around the USA practice and working on getting airplane to lighthouse more consistent


Just landed a swing in to earth turn to ball grip jumping stick. Also landed a lighthouse but slipped when I went to spike. Sho shripperrery! Only been two days from picking kendama up. Super stoked.


so happy just landed a couple spikes and 3 airplanes


Landed a swing into bird and spike. Been getting a few of them. Finally got lighthouse to spike. Don’t know why it took me this long. Also just recently learned space walk then to that finger spin where you let the Ken wrap around your finger and you throw the tama down to make revolutions. Don’t know what it’s called. Pretty stoked for a month of broken practice.

(InvaderDust) #108

tonight i was pulling off several nearly silent (perfect) earth turns. feels SO good!


Managed to do a cup to spike 2-3 times, just got it today so I’m really happy ;D


I had a pretty good day today.

Double gunslinger to spike
UFO a couple times
A couple birds
Don’t know what it’s called, but a ken flip to spike.

(InvaderDust) #111

Hit my first turntable the other day. Also hit a gunslinger type flip to spike that made me lose my composure in front of a customer. It was great.


My grand daughter has challenged me: I can’t move on to working on any new trick until I can land 20 repetitions of the trick I’m working on. So right now I’m trying to do 20 Moshikame in a row consistently.


Hey guys. Back feels much better and I forgot my yoyo today so I figured noes a good time to get back progression. Tried a new trick. Mad stoked.


Guys!!! I just landed a jumping stick into lunar and spiked it!!! I am so ecstatic right now!!!


Lighthouse. It’s not much, but it’s always an accomplishment for me to land it.

Well, except on the Catchy Street. I always land it on that… :wink:


Still hit or miss with my swing in lighthouse.


Nice! I hit that once 2 days ago, and I landed it perfectly. Haven’t come close since though. Every once in a bit I’ll land it then dance around for a second before it falls off but mostly I don’t even land it because I can’t control the ken flip yet.

Congrats! Lunar feels impossible to me at this point.


Lunar is definitely impossible. Every video of someone doing Lunars is fake.


https://instagram.com/p/BA8gVu1zdDE/ ::slight_smile:


Mad photoshop skills bro :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really much, just a few cups 'n candles I guess