What trick did you land today?


Definitely some nice video editing skills on display there.  :wink:

Today I hit a gunslinger mid turn/flip during an earth turn. Was pretty happy with that. Here are my video editing skills of said trick. They aren’t as good yet so I can only edit lesser tricks for now.


(InvaderDust) #122

^^ Niiice! Id feel really good about lacing it that clean. Good Job!

I hit my first “Around Europe” working towards Around the USA.

Funny to see an almost identical setup as mine (HG Purpleheart), only I have purple string. :slight_smile:


I suck with spikes so you have me on that one.
How are the HGs compared to an f3? I’ve been seeking for a cheap one. Specially that Purple Heart. Would go for a harvest but not worth the extra money I don’t think.


Fake, Heero! But a very well-made fake. I can only give you credit for a job well done on that.

(InvaderDust) #125

Dont go harvest (at least not full spectrum ken). they are show pieces not durable at all. Ive never played an f3 but my HG is my fav by FAR. Purple heart tamas are heavy, so if you like heavier damas, than go that way. Totes worth it imho. I had to buy a hickory ken to match weight better (stock ken was 67g, hickory replacement 78g, and 82g tama), but im very pleased so far.


Funny you mentioned this. I’m buying a hickory Ken with grapevine tama. I don’t drop my damas much at all and don’t spike too hard so I think I should be safe. But yes, they do crack and chip easier than not.

(InvaderDust) #127

Back to topic, I NAILED my first Around the USA today and there was much rejoicing.


which trick is that? Cup cup cup earth turn?

havent really been working on any combos so I decided to practice some during work.

(InvaderDust) #129

Nice dude! Around the USA is Big Cup>Spike>Earthturn>Small cup>spike>Earthturn>Base cup>Spike>Earthturn

Ive been drilling it for a week straight and finally able to hit one yesterday. Hopefully i can do it again today! haha


oh! Right. That one kills me. I haven’t tried it in a long time though so I’ll see how that goes later today


Thanks, Dust! It did feel good. =]

The weight and balance of the purpleheart tama adds a lot of control/stability that is a great help at times. I was going to put a purple string on it, but I wanted to save that for my maple/spectra-ply stripe tama to match colors.

Congrats on around USA! Haven’t hit that one yet. I love the grind/reward rate of Kendama.


1-turn airplane to j stick to .5 lighthouse(missed the spike at the end :’() 1-turn lunar(also missed the spike😭) followed by a second try yank spike. Productive evening if I do say so myself.


Just hit a combo I’ve been aiming for: Pullup gunslinger to spike, to gunslinger, to earth turn gunslinger to spike.


wait. So you do a gunslinger with the tama spiked?


Yes sir.




Hey guys! Someone gave me a damadare a week or so ago and have been so frustrated with this trick. But finally, it has been laced! And a bonus dubby for the win.


Amazing stuff, Heero!


thanks man! I’m still stoked on it.

(InvaderDust) #140

So ive been drilling Around the USA and hit it every now and then. The other day I was working on it outside and I dropped my kendama on the asphalt big cup first. It roughed it up a little bit and I got to thinking… So i tried Lunar several times and then out of no where, IT STUCK!, like gravity got less for a second and the wood clung to itself for dear life. Anyway, It was surprizing and very elating. I went back to the the street and lightly tapped the base cup around on the street and now I can Lighthouse like its not on ice. Very nice. :slight_smile:

Your killin btw heero! good job!!